Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Earth Day

Our precious Earth has its own special day, Earth Day, April 22. Celebrated the world over, this year's theme is centered around "A Billion Acts of Green" which encourages each and every one of us to "live and act sustainably."

A great day to reflect on our planet's plight and make our New Earth Day Resolutions! If we all start making modest changes to daily routines, collectively, these changes will add much to preserving our precious resources.

While I may never be able to brush my teeth while letting the water run without guilt, imagine how much that one little change has saved in water these past years. Over the past couple of unusually hot summers...instead of cranking up the A/ ceiling fans have had quite the work out and, considering my constant hot flashes, I am especially proud of this change in habit!

I think that the concerns are so great that, as individuals, we feel like improvements are far from our abilities to effect. They are overwhelming...but think of the very small things that can be done throughout our daily habits like turning the lights off when you leave the room. Think in those perspectives, and you will see how the little changes can add up to be worthy of a cause.

Happy Earth Day!

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