Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tips on Saving Green by Selecting Green Dishwashers

I can actually remember when automatic dishwashers were not a mainstay in every American home. And, I may be giving away my age...but if your kitchen was equipped with one of those "new-fangled contraptions," you probably complained about having to wash the dishes before loading to ensure satisfactory results.

The dishwasher debuted during an era where energy and water conservation really wasn't at a top of the mind awareness level as it is today. Good thing because the first models were not impressive...remember, you had to wash the dishes first.

In fact, it really has not been that many years ago when I personally started to rely on my dishwasher. My Miele dishwasher does such a great job that even my finest wine glasses get first class treatment with the china and crystal program. I'm an empty-nester and a full load may not occur for several days but even without using my pre-rinse cycle...sparkling clean results are a certainty.

HomeWerks' home town of San Antonio is in the 20th month of a severe drought cycle and water shortage is very much on our minds as we try to sustain our thirsty lawns. The fact that a simple chore of washing dishes gives us an opportunity to make a difference should matter. Valid information to apply to any brand but there is a definite bias to HomeWerks' favorite brand of Miele dishwashers. Following are tips for selecting a green dishwasher that you can feel good about using and at the same time saving our natural resources as well as saving our other dwindling resources...the green in our pockets.

Look for dishwashers that meet Energy Star requirements - saving up to $30 a year in energy. Replacing an old dishwasher with a new Energy Star model can save up to $30 a year in energy consumption and use over 40% less energy than the federal minimum standard. Miele's new dishwashers use only3.4 gallons of water in its Normal cycle, exceeding Energy Star's future 2011 water and energy standards.

Choose a dishwasher with several wash cycle selections. If your dishes are only slightly soiled, you can use a light or energy-saving wash cycle which uses less water and operates for a shorter period of time. In its economy cycle, the new Miele series only uses 1.2 gallons for those who want to save even more water and energy.

Beyond energy and water usage, consumers need to consider performance as part of their green home strategy. When buying a dishwasher to save energy and water, homeowners should investigate which models can clean effectively while being energy efficient. According to Energy Star, pre-rinsing dishes prior to loading can waste up to 20 gallons of water per cycle. With a Miele dishwasher, pre-rinsing is not necessary as their dishwashers are guaranteed to clean thoroughly without rinsing. Scrape and load is all a consumer needs to do. A real novelty, a dishwasher that washes your dishes without having to wash them first.

Look for quality and be ready to spend more now so you don't have to buy two dishwashers later. For example, Miele has a 20-year lifespan, outlasting the average life cycle stated by Energy Star by 9 years, that's two dishwashers purchased for every Miele sold. No built-in, planned obsolescence.

Check for available rebates. Go to EnergyStar.gov for the latest rebate programs. Check out local utility service providers for possible rebate programs.

About Miele. For more information about Miele, please visit http://www.mieleusa.com/ or call 800 843-7231.

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