Friday, May 25, 2012

Professional Ranges for the Home

One of the most interesting appliance categories we offer is the Professional Range for the Home.   So often this is the first appliance our client mentions as a starting point of their kitchen design.  While
some people are interested in the pro style to give their kitchen that "commercial restaurant" look others are interested in getting the "commercial performance" so they can cook like they own a restaurant.

BlueStar Pro Range doesn't have to look like it belongs in a restaurant. 
Each of these customers has very different questions and desires.  The customer going for that "pro look" is usually curious about options in colors and trims while the "pro cook" wants to know how many BTUs are available and what temperature can the infrared broiler achieve.
So  you can imagine how excited I was to get an invitation to the BlueStar Factory in Reading, PA.  Prizer Painter, the manufacturer of BlueStar products, has been making high performance cooking products for commercail use since the 1880s.  They decided to bring this process under the brand of BlueStar and make a true handcrafted, restaurant quality professional range for the home in 2002.

The factory was a star in itself due to their long history of manufacturing cooking products for over 130 years in the very same buildings.  I really enjoyed hearing the "Made in America" story with locally sourced products such as American steel...and, my patriotic side admired how BlueStar corporately, actively works with the local VA to hire returning Vets.  All of this set in a picturesque, historical city like Reading, PA where Abe Lincoln's father and grandfather lived.

BlueStar Red Range and Oven sitting pretty as the star of the kitchen.

With features such as their big 22,000 BTU bad boy burners and their low, low simmer burners as low as 135 degrees, your true inner chef will be inspired.  If that wasn't enough, choices of over 190 colors, French door options, burner configurations and many trim accents will surely make the BlueStar the star of your kitchen design.

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